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"These classes are just as much fun for the adults! We have met some pretty wonderful parents and friendships have blossomed."

Anna L., Canaan


"Miss Terri makes the classes so much fun! The kids stay engaged and actually participate!" -

B. Anctile, Farmington

fter the first 3 classes we didn't think Kayleigh was learning anything. She wouldn't sit still and pay attention in class and she would put everything in her mouth. We thought Kayleigh wasn't interested in music. Then the teacher pointed out things that Kayleigh had learned that we hadn't noticed. She also told us that putting the instruments in their mouths was a way of learning and not to fear. She asked us to continue to attend for the remainder of the session and promised results. To our amazement she was 150% right! We couldn't believe the progress Kayleigh had made and how much she loved the classes. We continue to enroll her each session and can't believe we had even considered dropping out. We are so thankful for Terri!A

Bob & Judy, Randolph

 Mia loves Miss Terri. She is very energetic and keeps the kids engaged. She is full of educational info that has helped Mia develop her rhythm.

Jeannie, Brunswick

 Jordan gets so excited for music day! She adores the music and I find myself listening to it even after I drop the kids off!

Tina, Wilton

 We started attending classes with our son when he was 6 months old. A year later we are amazed with his musical growth and rhythmical behavior. Whenever he hears a beat he bobs up and down.

Sandra, Winslow